Spread the word, Print Some T-shirts, and/or Contrast Frockets and throw an awesome tournament for a great cause!

Check out these 10 Sports Tournament Ideas for Greek Philanthropies below and let us know if you have any additions!

1. Basketball Tournament

Make sure to reserve the courts in advance. And of course, you can’t forget the bracket!

You could even give the teams nick names and have a contest for filling out the closest bracket. Or lower the rims for a Dunk Contest or Trick Shot.

2. Volleyball Tournament

The most obvious (and best) way to do this is using Top Gun volleyball as your inspiration.

Crank up the 80’s tunes, throw on the Aviators and hit the sand! Painted on names like “Goose” should probably be a requirement too.

3. Flag Football Tournament

Sure it’s not as exciting as tackle, but it beats hiring an ambulance. You’ll need cones, line markers, pennies and maybe a set of referees. Schedule some rest time between rounds to allow for healing.

4. Putt Putt Tournament

Take advantage of the promotional possibilities and have Hole Sponsors at each hole. Also, make sure to have refreshments especially if it’s gonna be a hot day.

5. Ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee Golf Tournament

Two separate sports really but both involve the famous Frisbee. Ultimate is very easy to organize where as Frisbee Golf will require a course and possibly some rental discs.

6. Bowling Tournament

Themed Bowling Tournaments are pretty awesome. After all, costumes and bowling go perfectly together. Get some T-shirts and sponsors to help with shoes etc.

7. Baseball Tournament

All day and double elimination tournaments are popular for both Baseball and Softball. Need some variation? Try out:

  • Home Run Derby
  • Wiffle Ball or Tee Ball

8. Pool Tournament

The best thing to do with this one is find a venue well in advance and see if they’ll walk you through the organization. Basically you need a deck of cards, a bracket, a bunch of pool tables, good timing and your set.

9. Chess Boxing Tournament

Alright this one’s kind of a joke. Yes, this certainly does exist and yes, it is amaaazzzing, but think of the liability issues. Hmm… still sounds totally worth it!

10. Soccer Tournament

To wrap it all up, why not have a world cup style soccer tournament. If the games are short you can wrap it up in a day/weekend. Assign everyone country names and play some football!

Sports tournaments are great ways to generate interest in a Sorority or Fraternity Philanthropy Event. Check out our other Greek Philanthropy Event Ideas.


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