1. What you would like on your custom t-shirt?

You certainly don’t need finished art (most screen printing shops have in-house artists) but having a good idea of what you want, including text, ink colors, and themes can go a long way towards saving on art time.

2. When you would like your order to be ready?

Most screen printing shops have between a two and three week turnaround. If your deadline is less than their standard requirement, a rush order (with extra charge) is often available.

3. How many total custom shirts you want to order?

A normal minimum for screen printing is between 12 and 24 pieces, while orders of just a few pieces are done using a heat transfer.

Screen printing shops normally price custom t-shirts on a sliding scale, meaning, the more t-shirts you buy, the cheaper the price is per shirt.

4. How many colors you would like in your design?

The number of ink colors you want on your custom t-shirts directly affects the price per garment. This is a result of the setup work involved in screen printing and making additional screens.

5. How many print locations you want on your garment?

The most popular screen printing locations are on the front left chest, centered on the front, and centered on the back. Many other possibilities exist such as, a sleeve or hip print, but they may carry additional set up charges.

6. What color shirts you would like?

The color of the shirt often determines the color of inks. For instance, a light color of ink such as yellow will not show up as well on light colored custom t-shirts like white. Also, dark colored garments are more expensive than white shirts.

7. Who your shirt is for?

Understanding the preferences of the people that will be wearing your custom t-shirts is super important. Things to think about are t-shirt colors, design, and style of garment.

Feel free to ask one of our sales reps for advice.

8. What style shirt you would like?

Garment companies frequently update their styles, so there are many options when it comes to picking the right cut, and weight of t-shirt. Take a look at our online catalogs or come by our shop so you can see your options.

9. What your budget is?

When deciding on your budget for screen printing custom t-shirt , the quantity, color, and style of t-shirts, as well as, the number of ink colors in the design, play a big part in pricing.

The easiest way to decide what is in your budget is to ask your sales rep for a quote and pricing breaks in the different areas.

10. Which screen printer to use?

Alright folks, this one should be easy; order from Blue Ridge Graphics! We are a family-owned and operated screen printing business with over 33 years of experience!

We take pride in offering competitive pricing and guarantee the quality of all our work Thanks and enjoy!

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Want help with your design or order? Call us or Email us - our team is here to help!

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