Whenever Spring rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about Spring formal… and sometimes you need a little inspiration to help come you come up with theme ideas.  Check here for our top five picks for greek formal themes!

1. Roaring 20s (Decade Themed)

The Roaring 20s is an especially fun decade to recreate. Hire a swing band for some great dancing, get some long fake pearl necklaces and head peaces with feathers, and offer some appropriate old school drinks.

2. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland parties and events have become a huge hit in recent years and Spring Formal offers a great reason to go Mad…Hatter that is.

Also, there are a ton of great suggestions for this one online.

3. Island Theme

Also another popular choice. An island or beach theme provides the perfect excuse for a ton of yummy drinks and Leis are super fun to wear.

Don’t forget the palm trees.

4. Under the Stars – Starry Night – Midnight in Paris

An “Under the Starts” event has been a classic for years. Everybody love dressing up in evening wear and enjoying a great party. Just make sure to have plenty of candles.

5. Roman / Greek Dinner

Who doesn’t love some giant white pillars in their life?!?! Plates of grapes are a must and throw in some goat cheese…tada!

Spring formal is meant to be fun and not too stressful, so pick something that won’t be crazy to organize and don’t worry about repeating the same theme!

FYI: You should probably order T-shirts with all of them!

Don’t just dream it.

Print it.

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