What makes a fraternity shirt design be the best?

For college frats, having the best fraternity shirt design is a great way to show your spirit, spruce up a campus event, or just have fun with your merchandise for you and your brothers.

There are a lot of hilarious and creative custom frat shirts out there and we wanted to share some tips and some of our favorites!



Funny Fraternity Shirt Designs

Who doesn’t love a funny frat shirt?


Your shirt can be as much fun as you are having. Don’t be afraid to get cheesy and use puns, which are a favorite for funny t-shirt fans. Be clever in your concept and don’t just use the same jokes about beer and partying that so many frats have used in their designs ad nauseum over the years.

You can go with humorous text on your shirt or a funny graphics or some combination of both. Any way you spin it, make a funny fraternity shirt design that you and your housemates all enjoy and want to wear.

Creative Fraternity Shirt Designs

Don’t be afraid to get colorful and creative with your shirt designs for fraternities. There are a lot of ways to think outside the box when it comes to new shirts and new designs; the possibilities are limitless.

Integrate imagery of iconic people and places relating to campus or your event. make a design that draws from vintage designs for shirts and posters. Find new and fresh ways to promote your fraternity or set the tone for your even with a creative shirt design.

There are literally so many ways you can make creative fraternity shirts. Whether it’s for the house itself, for a fraternity run or sponsored event, or just a general t-shirt, take a look a few of these creative fraternity shirts for inspiration!

Custom Fraternity Shirt Designs

Fraternities are a lot more than just brotherhood and community. They each of a specific personality and identity that can be manifested through branding and custom shirt design.

Having custom shirts for fraternities is a way for members to show their support for their house, a way to have a memorable memento of an event they hosted, and a way for others to get excited about their organization and the activities they do. It’s always a great idea to sell or give out shirts at any events you host or sponsor to promote your organization and get others excited about your frat and the activities you participate in both on and off campus.

A custom frat shirt can be simple and classic, focusing on Greek letter or some house logo or motto. Custom fraternity shirts can set the tone or the image that the brothers want to portray to others on campus. Having a shirt that is custom to a specific fraternity is a great tool to visually building up the community and creating something that people can wear and enjoy.

There are so many ways to go right when creating some of the best fraternity shirt designs.

Remember to put your own spin on it, try something new, and look to other designs for inspiration and motivation.

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