Creating the best Greek shirt design is a great way to support your organization.

House identity is a big part of Greek life.

Shirts and other merchandising are important to building up the brand of a fraternity or sorority and making the college community excited about and aware of their organization and the work that they do.

Check out these different areas of design to explore what kind of Greek shirt design is best for you!

Funny Greek Shirt Designs

Who doesn’t love to laugh?

Incorporating puns and levity into your Greek shirt design is a fun way to create a shirt that people will actually enjoy wearing. These types of funny Greek shirts are particularly good for wearing in public and having at the more casual, Greek-sponsored events to show the community (and prospective pledges) that your fraternity or sorority is enjoyable and has a good sense of humor.

Brand-Driven Greek Shirt Designs

Greek houses are all about their identity and their brand. Their custom shirts and merchandising should clearly and stylistically reflect that.

This could include something as simple as embroidered Greek letters on your shirts and other clothing merchandise. If your fraternity or sorority has a logo, house colors, or even a motto, you can use any one of those to reflect your brand in your brand-driven shirt design.

Having a visual presence through branded merchandise and shirts for your sorority or fraternity is a great way to build support and awareness for your house and Greek life. Whether you’re making shirts for your house members or other items to give away at an event, brand-driven Greek shirts are a must!

Custom Greek Shirt Designs

Aside from having brand specific shirts for your Greek house, there are also lots of opportunities to get other custom shirt designs. Are you sponsoring an event? Hosting a party? Volunteering at a charity or an activity? Having customized shirts for events like these are a great way to build community spirit, get your frat or sorority members more excited about the event, and show your house spirit to others in the college community.

You can easily make shirts to sell or give away to people who attend your event or students rushing your organization. There are so many outlets for creative custom Greek shirt designs, so don’t miss an opportunity; check out your event calendar and start planning your designs!

Consider funny, brand-driven, and custom Greek shirt designs when making merchandise for your fraternity or sorority.

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