How it works


Our team takes your design and converts it to a logo that is ready for embroidery through a process called “digitizing”. It’s a fine art, and we are experts at it. Then we sew your project the way you want it.


What we do


The embroidery process at Blue Ridge Graphics starts with the design. Our team of in-house artists can work with any ideas you have and will create an online proof for you to review and approve. The online proof is actually a virtual sample of how the design will look when it is sewn. The embroidery artists digitize the logo, which is the process of mapping out each and every stitch in the logo so our embroidery machines can sew it onto your apparel. Your online proof will show the thread colors, dimensions, placement, etc so you can be sure that everything is 100% perfect before your order is embroidered.

Our embroidery artists load the specific thread colors for your embroidery designs on to our embroidery machines. Imagine jumbo sized spools of thread! The digitized design is also loaded into the embroidery machines, so we know what to sew! The embroidery technicians will make sure all of the settings and speeds are correct to give an excellent result for your design and your garments.

Thread & Setup Machines


When it is time to embroider your order, our embroidery technicians count each item again, and position them correctly for the machine to embroidery. With embroidery, this is called hooping, where a hoop is positioned under the garment, and the garment is clamped down so it doesn’t move during the sewing process of the embroidery designs. Our embroidery technicians take care to position each hoop correctly so your design is sewn in the perfect spot on each and every one of your garments.

Once the embroidery machines are loaded up with the correct thread colors and design, and the garments are hooped, the actual sewing process can begin. The time it takes to embroider the items is based on the stitch count for the design. The more stitches the design has, the longer it takes the machine to embroider them. Of course, the number of garments in the order also impacts how long it takes for each order to be complete. But don’t worry, no matter how many garments you need, your production time will not exceed 4 days. Our embroidery machines can sew over two million stitches per day!.



Then, after your garments are embroidered they are unhooked, and sent to our quality control team for review. Our quality control team reviews each shirt individually, and compares the proof you approved online to the embroidered logo to make sure they match perfectly. Our quality control team looks over each item to make sure there aren’t any manufacture defects or design imperfections, and also counts the items one more time. They will also trim any threads and steam the design if needed so it looks perfect! Finally, the order is complete and is moved to our shipping department where it is packaged up and labeled for shipping.