Using humor on half marathon shirts?

Yeah, we’re running with it.

Funny half marathon shirts are a great idea in our opinion. Not only is laughter the best medicine, but using humor, either through puns or funny images, is a great way to boost morale and get participants even more excited to be involved in the race.

Utilize more than just your running skills this next half marathon. Get creative with funny half marathon shirt ideas by using puns, pop culture references, or ironic images to spruce up your next design.

Half Marathons Are No Laughing Matter

Just because they aren’t as many miles as a full marathon doesn’t mean half marathons are any less serious.

They take dedication and hard work, just like any athletic activity.

Since they’re not quite as demanding in duration as full marathons, half marathons have grown in popularity since the mid-20th Century till today since more people are able and willing to participate. This rise in half marathon involvement coincides with the cultural trend of recreational running which began to gain more popularity in the 1950s.


Runners Need a Little Humor

It’s okay for runners to laugh too. They can use more than just the muscles in their legs.

Funny t-shirts can help add needed levity to an already tough and physically strenuous event. Here are some funny half marathon shirts that made us laugh and will hopefully help give you some inspiration to start your design!

1. (Insane in the Brain)

Whether you’re running a 10k or just a 13.1 mile half marathon, all serious runners are a little insane in the membrane, right? This shirt shows confidence and is not afraid to poke fun at half marathons and stereotypes about crazy runners. And as long as you cross the finish line, does it really matter how crazy you are?

2. On a Scale of 1 to 10…

Isn’t it great when the mileage you’re running is the same as your beauty scale rating? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Just kidding, though this shirt is great for its confidence boost and yet again makes clever use of the length of half marathons. Whether you finish the race first or look good trying, we’re all winner here.

3. Fast Pass to the Finish

This shirt is perfect for runner of the Disney Princess Half Marathon, or for amusement park or Disney aficionados in general. Let’s be honest, though most of us have been stuck in sweaty lines at amusement parks giving fast pass users our best death glare, we all secretly want to fast pass. And it doesn’t count as cutting in line if you paid for it, right?

4. Chris Pratt Is Your Trainer

Whether you’re a fan of the muscled-up star of Guardians and Jurassic World fame or have been a devout fan since the Parks and Rec and even Everwood days, it’s clear that Chris Pratt can inspire you to get in shape and cross that finish line. Warning: may not be as motivational for straight men.

5. Yeah, Don’t Put Me Down for Cardio

How cute is this cartoon avocado? This funny half marathon shirt is great for hipsters and vegetarians and wins the award for the best pun. Not only is the wordplay clever, but there is accompanying design to make the joke stand. And the color choices on the dark background really help the design to pop!

6. Spell It Out

This shirt shows the ability of a single adjective to simultaneously express your frustrations about running, convey the length of the half marathon, and put a smile on your face. Simple, versatile, and effective. Pick a good font and good colors and you’re set!

7. Stronger Than Yesterday

If you’re a Britney fan or were aware of any pop culture in the year 2007, you understand the motivation behind this shirt. Not only does it inspire runners to overcome hardship and adversity, but also advises them against unflattering haircuts and rash decision making. You wanna gold medal? You better work.


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