As you all know, it’s that time of year again. Yep, Greek life is back in full swing and Bid Day (or Bid Week) will be here sooner than you can say “Toga Party!” That also means its philanthropy event time for Greek sororities and fraternities.

Need suggestions? BRG loves printing custom Greek sorority and fraternity event shirts and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite  fraternity and sorority philanthropy event ideas right here.

  1. Casino Night (or Poker Night) –  You can include classic casino games like Roulette and Blackjack, or stick with the most popular game – Texas Hold ’em.
  2. 3k – 5k Run – Runs are a great way to get the community involved. After all, who doesn’t love a good jog?
  3. T-Shirt Sale – This one’s kind of a no-brainer and probably the best option on the list. Get a quote here for custom T-shirts, V-Necks, Tank Tops (including neons) and Frockets.
  4. Sports Events: Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball etc. – Sports events are always popular. Pick one that’s easy to organize, has accessible fields etc.
  5. Zombie Run – Zombie runs are a great way to force everyone to get involved. You don’t really get a choice when zombies are chasing you.
  6. 80’s Bowling Tournament -80s and bowling, it doesn’t get much better than that!
  7. Karaoke Night –  What better way to Show Your Greek Spirit than by belting some Bon Jovi for Charity.
  8. Dodgeball Tournament – Simple, exciting, and doesn’t require a ton of planning.
  9. Dance Competitions – Dance off! Anywhere, anytime.
  10. The Great Debate –  Team up with a local sorority or fraternity and finally settle the debate about which one’s better.
  11. Haunted House – Haunt your house, haunt a dorm, just haunt something!
  12. Parents Breakfast– Breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your parents or alumni, it’s a win win win… win.
  13. Sports Bracket Tournament – Pick pretty much any major sports playoff, create a bracket, and BAM! Five bucks a pop!
  14. Golf Tournament– Keep it small or go all out! Businesses love to sponsor golf tournaments.
  15. Prom Revisited Dance – Re-live which I’m sure where your best moments…
  16. Battle of the Bands – It worked in high school, it works for Greeks. After all, the bands are better right?
  17. Car Wash – This works for pretty much any club anywhere.
  18. County Fair  – I’m thinking apple bobbing, ring toss, bull riding, and of course straw hats and overalls.
  19. Carnival – Similar to the county fair with a spooky twist.
  20. Garage Sale – Theoretically finding enough stuff to have a monster garage sale wouldn’t be too hard
  21. Raffle – Pick prizes that everyone will really want i.e. Spring Break Trip, Big-Screen TV etc.
  22. Auction Night –  Go around to community businesses and thrift stores to gather donated items.
  23. Bingo Tournament – After all, who can resist a bingo tournament? No one. The answer is no one.
  24. Donation Tree Wish List – Team up with a local church or shelter which can provide you with lists of needed donations.
  25. Triathlon – Making this fun vs. serious will probably get you more donations/participants.
  26. Olympics – Keep the Olympic spirit alive! Track and field, fencing, the options are endless.
  27. Benefit Concert / Comedy Show -Try to find a band or comedian that will do a benefit show for free or on the cheap
  28. Themed Parties: Valentine’s Day, Luau, Alumni Homecoming – Just like sports, everybody loves dressing change parties…Superheroes vs. Super Villains anyone?

Whew! What a list!… Just a few ones we like. Let us know if we missed any. And remember, Blue Ridge Graphics is the place to buy custom Greek sorority and fraternity event shirts, V-necks, Tanks, Frockets and more.

Let us help you “Show Your Greek!”

Until next time, TTFN! -BRG

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