Sane people sometimes like to run too.

Runners look even better if their half marathon shirts are as awesome as they are.

In all seriousness, half marathons are great ways to get some exercise, support good causes, and get involved with these awesome events and organizations. Whether you’re running 13.1 miles to support our nation’s fallen first responders or for some free Napa wine after crossing the finish line, there are many reasons that motivate people to run half marathons. Likewise, there are many great half marathon shirt designs and we’re sure many more of them to come!


Tips for Good Half Marathon Shirts

Our favorite half marathon and race shirt designs all have two or more of the following elements:

  1. Good color use, both in the design and the shirt itself
  2. Strong, solid logo
  3. Clever typography
  4. Relevant and memorably imagery (connected to the location, event sponsors, or the marathon title itself).


Never forget to factor in the color of your shirt when making half marathon t-shirt designs.

It is important to use bold colors to make your design pop and really stand out visually. If you have a great design with nice lines and a clever concept, it won’t be a great half marathon shirt unless you find a good color scheme to unify and accentuate the entire design.


Logos are not only important for branding in business but for visual consistency in good merchandise design.

Does your half marathon have an event logo? Sponsors logos? Having a strong, solid logo for your half marathon is amazing because it’s something you can then use as the base of several designs with variations such as color or different text relevant to that year. If you’ve got a good logo, use it!


Text on half marathon shirts can do much more than convey the title race and other essential information.

Good typography is key when using any sort of lettering or numbering in your t-shirt design. Not only can you be creative and smart in your font selection, but you can use unique typography design to do things like incorporate symbols and images into your text. Good typography in t-shirt design is all about being unique while integrating motifs and artistic elements that directly connect to your event (i.e. its location, landmarks, or other themes).


A picture really does paint a thousand words.

Whether it be an actual picture or simply other creative images, designs elements, and symbols, imagery is a significant tool when used well and can easily elevate a half marathon shirt from average to extraordinary. Be careful when using imagery and creating visual elements of your design that you don’t go overboard and make your design too busy. Focus your use of imagery to and central theme or focal points, such as a local landmark or some other design element pertaining to the cause that the half marathon supports.

Famous Half Marathon Shirts

There are many famous full-length marathons that simultaneous run half marathons for those who are 50% less crazy than avid marathon enthusiasts.

However, there are some half-marathons notable in their own right, and lucky for us, lots of them even have great t-shirt designs. Here are a few t-shirt designs from famous half marathons in the United States:

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Disney Princess
Half Marathon

Marine Corps
Historic Half

There is so much variety and flexibility when it comes to half marathon t-shirt design that the possibilities are almost endless.

Make sure to take a look at our design tips listed above and look to preexisting designs for motivation and inspiration.


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