What are the advantages, and where should you start?

Online advertising can be an extremely powerful tool you can use to increase your business’s visibility, and ultimately, grow your customer base.

Most small business screen printers have had some experience with advertising, be it phonebook, billboard, student planner or traditional mailers, and though the traditional forms of advertising can be effective for some businesses, the downsides for small screen printers can be brutal.

The contracts are almost always yearlong, the high costs continue to rise, and there is no flexibility in changing your ad after it’s gone to print. This is where online advertising comes in! Online advertising offers many unique options that traditional advertising does not.

This article is here to give you some of the biggest pros of online advertising, and a brief overview of a couple of different options when it comes to advertising online.

Why It’s Great for Small Businesses

Budgeting: Budgeting is a key aspect to any successful business, and it is especially important for small businesses. When it comes to online advertising, budgeting is an area that has options that will please everyone.

Many sources, such as Google Adwords, allow you to set a custom daily or monthly budget, which means you can spend as much, or as little, as you want. Furthermore, the budget is easily changed, so if you need to tweak your advertising budget, you can adjust it instantly.

What’s not to love about that? 

Analytics – Tracking Success: Almost without exception, any online advertising option allows you to track the success of your ad through analytics. And, with the use of tools such as Google Analytics attached to your website, you can also track sites and ads that do not offer their own analysis. In the realm of cyberspace it is relatively easy to see how many people view and/or click your ads, as well as, what state and city they live in.

This info is crucial for a small business and can help determine the effectiveness of the different ads.

Adaptability: With online advertising you can usually tweak and adjust your ads anytime you want. Online ads are frequently composed only of text or simple jpeg images, so if you decide one morning that you’d like to reword your ad you can.

Furthermore, you have the ability to do something called split testing.

This is when you run two different ads at once and see which ad draws in more traffic. By reviewing your analytics and seeing which ad draw more attention you can adjust your advertising strategy accordingly, thus saving yourself money by using ads that are proven winners.

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