Our Ordering Process

We start with the basics and go from there.

How many t-shirts do you want?

There is a minimum of 12 shirts for a screen-printing order. As with most printers, our pricing works on a sliding scale. The more shirts you order, the cheaper they are.

When do you need the shirts?

We have a standard turnaround of two weeks, but if you need shirts sooner give us a call and we can help you out.

What style shirt are you looking for and how many?

If you don’t know then ask us! We know the most popular styles and can give you our personal favorites. Check out our online catalog to see a few options, and don’t forget to get the sizes you need as well!

What kind of design?

The number of colors affects pricing, so a one color design will be cheaper than a 6 color.

Do you have a design already, or do you want one of our talented artists to draw something up for you? Sounds great.

Want to get started right now? Head over to our online Design Studio.

Working with a budget?

Contact us directly and we can give you exact pricing and discuss ways to help you stay in your budget or get an estimate for your project right now.