Having trouble coming up with new race t-shirt design ideas?

We can help with that.

First of all, your race t-shirt design should be memorable and, maybe more importantly, people should actually want to wear it. In a sea of cotton-blended tees, make your design stand out. Don’t let it fade, forgotten to the back of a closet or the bottom of a laundry bin.

Harness your creativity to innovate new designs and new ways to make a t-shirt that conveys your purpose and message while being stylish and awesome. Your race t-shirt design leaves an impression on others regarding who you are and what you represent.

From emphasizing logos to embracing puns, here are some different race t-shirt design ideas and themes to help make your next design better than the last.


Use your event or company logo as the focal point of your design.

Have any other text or images needed balance out with that key logo.


Experiment with fonts.

Change up the fonts, placements, and colors to give your design a bold and modern look. Find creative ways to clearly display text such as the event title, date, and other pertinent information.


Don’t be afraid to let loose.

Make use of puns, irony, or memes and jokes to give your race t-shirt a fun and light feel.


Try something new.

Other race t-shirt ideas range from vintage inspiration to more modern minimalist designs. Try a combination of the ideas mentioned above, utilizing typography, imagery, and logos to make one cohesive artistic design.

Be confident in your ideas.

Don’t second guess your own creativity when designing or be stressed about what other’s will think.

Convey the relevant information in new and fun ways. Don’t forget to include sponsor logos if needed either in your main design, on the sleeves, or even on the back of the shirt. Also, remember the important elements of race t-shirt design such as having good clarity and content in your work.

Embrace fashion and design trends and don’t be afraid to look to your competitors and other designers and artists for inspiration (just don’t copy anyone else’s work).

Graphic tees and custom t-shirts are so commonplace these days that there are endless possibilities when comping up with race t-shirt ideas.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” -Jeffrey Zeldman

We hope this gives some inspiration for race t-shirt design ideas for you and your event.

Ultimately, your race t-shirt should set a tone for the event, convey the necessary information, and want to be worn by your target audience.

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Want help with your design or order? Call us or Email us - our team is here to help!

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