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BRG is officially a Sustainable Green Printer

BRG is now certified by The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization, for meeting sustainable environmental standards.


SGP certified printers are held to rigorous standards and go through a long vetting process where each aspect of the business is evaluated. SGP certification verifies that BRG is focused on continuous improvement The versatility of screen printing makes it ideal for decorating a wide range of materials, from t-shirts to tote bags.

BRG is the ONLY apparel screen printer in the United States to hold this certification and has been focused on sustainable, environmentally friendly business practices for many years.

We’re Committed to You & Our Planet

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Water drops

Water-Based Inks

Use of water-based inks for apparel printing

solar energy

Solar Energy

Use of solar energy to power our facilities


Bio Washing System

Use of a bioremediating washing system for inks



Use of post-production filtration system


Reduce & Reuse

Enhanced efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost


Continuous Improvement

We challenge ourselves annually to be more sustainable

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BRG’s Sustainability Policy:

At BRG we’re striving to be better and create better.

Our purpose is to continuously improve the quality of life for our co-workers and customers, and we’re doing it by helping to protect the environment one step at a time.

We focus on the following initiatives to help protect our planet:

  • We educate and train our employees on safe work habits and practices.
  • We have company-wide reuse, recycling, and composting programs to minimize waste at all levels.
  • We ensure compliance with all government regulations.
  • We work to reduce energy consumption by using solar to power our facilities and monitor and report our environmental performance.
  • We support local organizations and the community.






BRG is Excited to be a MUSE Supporter & Member

Members United for Sustainable Events (MUSE) provides leadership for sustainable event management through education, inspiration, and community building across the event industry. By addressing social, economic, and environmental impacts, we are committed to making sustainable events easy and the norm by providing best practices, resources, and support. To learn more about MUSE visit their website at